Can you freeze cabbage

Can you freeze cabbage without blanching

Blanching is the commonest term we can hear in the field of food preservation. We know many of the fresh fruits and vegetables should subject to this procedure before freezing. But, what is the purpose of this? What will happen if you skip this step when freezing the vegetables? Yes! Here we are going to discuss this matter in depth. We know, blanching is a time-consuming procedure. Thus, how can you freeze cabbage or any other kind of veggies in a few steps without following this procedure? Actually, this may be a wonderful solution for busy lifestyles.

Anyway, since blanching will help you to extend the preservation period, this will ideally suit for hotels or restaurants to keep their surpluses for longer. But, it will do nothing for household recipes. Isn’t it? Thus, let’s see the positive aspect of this in relation to cabbage. No doubt, these facts will equally be validated for many other veggies as well.

Can you freeze red cabbage or green ones without blanching?

Actually, it doesn’t matter with the colour of the cabbage. The only thing we must do is the washing well, cleaning well, drying well and sealing perfectly. So, simply, you may freeze red or green cabbages as your needs.

But, when it comes to blanching, there is something to discuss deeply. Sometimes, you may know, how to do this procedure. Sometimes you may not. So, simply, here you have to put the vegies into two separate bowls with hot and cold water. It will take nearly ten minutes to complete. Next, you should pat dry this sample using paper towels. The time taken for this procedure may vary in accordance with the type of vegetable. Hence, the whole procedure may extent up to fifteen to twenty minutes in total.

But, if you skip all these steps, you just need to wash the cabbages and remove dirt before cutting. Then, you only have to do cut and arranging in a container which can seal. So, skipping the above procedure will save you nearly twenty minutes. Actually, this will be a massive help to carry on your daily tasks without troubles.

Further, it is important to emphasize again about the needfulness of blanching when there is a need for longer period preservation. We only recommend the skipping method when you willing to use the frozen sample at least before three months of period.

Can you freeze cooked cabbage without milk and spices?

Freezing cooked foods will not work as fresh ones. So, we are always suggesting to use fresh samples for this purpose. But, if you really need it doesn’t matter to freeze prepared dished for short term use. However, since coconut milk may provide a more nutritious environment for microbes, it may enhance early expires. When it comes to spices, it will not a matter. Often, a number of spices may help you to preserve cooked foods for longer. So, keep these lines in your mind when freezing cabbages as well.

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