Essential Oils for Blackheads

Will Essential Oils for Blackheads Work more than a Scrub

Do you also suffer from the blackish coloured dots in your face? Often, these are known as blackheads and you can remove all these completely with certain home remedies. Or else, the salon based treatments are also a common practice to get rid of these problems. However, since it is a more expensive choice, often people try to find out natural and effective remedies to follow at home.

So, now you may use a homemade scrub or a few drops of essential oils for blackheads. But, actually, what is the most effective remedy among all these? Actually, we recommend you to use one of the essential oil. The reasons for these recommendations has two aspects. One is it is easy to apply and you may apply it every day. So, your skin will get everyday nourishment. The second one is, you do not follow special preparations as with scrubs.

Well, the following piece of writing with suggesting you select the appropriated type of oils.

4 the best essential oils for pimples and blackheads

Juniper Berry

This is an effective fruit for many kinds of facial issues such as acne, whiteheads and blackheads. But, when you go for the pills made up of this fruit, it is much more beneficial. Actually, since this kind of oil doesn’t contain water, it is a more concentrated version. Hence, it may provide better care for your skin more than the raw fruit.


The unique anti-inflammatory quality of this herbal solution is always caring to provide clean skin. So, once you apply this oil, you should perform gentle and finger massage to allow better abortion. But, make sure not to keep the solution more than ten to fifteen minutes as it can lead to oil burns. However, there are solutions to overcome these kinds of burns as well.

Clary Sage

Since this is a natural agent with a really pleasant odour, most of the young ladies are very much eager to use this oil over their facial skin. But, as described earlier, it is not recommended to apply any of this kind of oils directly over the skin. Thus, you can add a few drops into the usual face lotion or body cream. Or else, as with the other remarkable ways of using this oil for bodily impairments, you may mix it with coconut oil as well.


Yes! Application method for this oil variety is always similar to the things we described earlier. But, if you are thinking to use another oil variety as the carrier agent, it may act badly by causing oily nature in your face. Thus, often, we suggest the use of lotions or scrub, serum to overcome this issue.

How to use essential oils for blackheads?

Yes! We have discussed this method on and off during the above discussion. So, simply, the ideal way to use this solution is mixing with face lotions. Or else, you may also apply it via face wash, scrub or cleansers in higher quantities.

The last lines

Here, you will be able to find the best description of the recommended ways on how to use essential oils for blackheads without creating any harm to your facial skin. Thus, we invite you to follow all these guidelines to get rid of blackish discolourations of your face. And later share what are the observable outcomes after about a few weeks of care.

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