essential oils for nails

Uses of essential oils for nails in 3 different ways

The beautiful and properly decorated healthy nails play an immense role in promoting one’s personality. Especially, this fact ideally matches with women than males. So, it is advised to follow certain tips on ensuring nail health. The regular salon treatments such as manicure and pedicure may help you to have this kind of well-looking set of nails. But, the ancient people have used herbal treatments for faster results. Actually, even though the salon based protocols have started nearly in this modernIst era, so far, most of the people have relied on herbal treatments. The use of essential oils for nails is also one such effective method used in the previous decades. However, it will benefit even for this modernist needs. Hence, here we have listed some proven ways to use this herbal agent.

So, you will be able to find some modernist solutions through historical usages by reading the following piece of content.

Gentle massage with essential oils for nails

Yes! This is the most basic way to apply this concentrated herbal agent all over the hand. However, the hands or the palm is known as one of the most sensitive areas in the body. Actually, this is almost true for the fingertips as well. Hence, when you use varying techniques to massage the hands, there is a risk to cause for allergies or herbal burns. That is why the experts are always prescribing you to use some daily using and less concentrated oil variety along with this kind of super-powerful agents.

Actually, it can reduce risks in many ways. Those include, easy application, diluted herbal products as necessary for the condition and will not make harms. Thus, simply, you can add a teaspoon of carrier agent such as coconut or olive oil for a few drops of essential oil variety.

How to use essential oils for brittle nails?

Brittle or damages prone nails are one of a burning matter for young girls. Actually, this is known to be caused by less nutrient supply or the lack of necessary minerals. Hence, if you would be able to apply some herbal therapy as this along with salon regimes or home-based regimes, you would be able to overcome the issues to some extent. Often, you may practice the dipping method. It means you may dip your nails into a small container with hot and diluted essential oil variety.

So, here are a few examples of better choices.

  • Tea tree
  • Eucalyptus
  • Sweet Orange or lemon
  • Lemongrass

How to prepare a natural nail serum?

No doubt, preparing a nail serum is one of the best choices. Yes! There are lots of such products in the market, but, definitely, homemade packs will serve you better without any chemical participation. Well, first of all, it is recommending to collect two kinds of oils from the above list and source of vitamin E or a capsule along with a small bottle. Now, mix all these in a well-cleaned container and take actions to careful packing in the bottle. Then, when you wanted to use it, you may just take it out through a piece of cotton.

The last lines

Yes! You may definitely use essential oils for nails health. But, you have to be wise enough to avoid bad practices which can damage your fingertips. Thus, we believe, this piece of content may help you a lot in identifying all these secrets. At the same time, we would like to invite you to note your experiences in our comment lines. We highly believe it will be massive health for someone else to identify certain tips beyond this explanation.

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